A judge with the Superior Court of Los Angeles County has ordered you to participate in a Virtual Mandatory Settlement Conference ("MSC"). Your counsel will provide you with the date, time and log in information for the Virtual MSC. There will be two Settlement Officers assisting the parties to resolve the dispute; one Settlement Officer is a Plaintiff's attorney; the other Settlement Officer is a defense attorney. These Settlement Officers are volunteering their time to assist you in resolving your dispute; there is no charge to either party for this program. The Virtual MSC will last no more than three hours.

There will be no judge present during the MSC; however, should the Settlement Officers believe a judge's assistance is required, the Settlement Officers may contact a judge in order to aid the parties.

The Virtual MSC will be conducted via Zoom. You and your attorney will be assigned to a virtual breakout room where you can have private and confidential discussions. The Settlement Officers will join you in your private breakout room at certain points during the MSC in order to discuss the resolution of the dispute with you but will only do so when you and your counsel are not having private conversations. Click here to watch an informational video which provides further information about this program.